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About Us

GET LIFE & HEALTH can assist Individuals, Families and Small Business.

At GET LIFE & HEALTH, we provide Life and Health insurance as well as Small Group Coverage. We also offer GUARANTEED ISSUE HEALTH INSURANCE with NO PRE EXISTING everything covered from day one! Dental, vision and other supplemental plans are also available.


Our goal is to create affordable options for families and small businesses by offering unique products and services that will stay with them for years to come. We give our clients the topmost priority and take care of them with utmost dedication.


When considering Life Insurance there are many options. It is our goal to gather information and find the right strategy for you.


If you are a Small business (50 or less) considering group coverage you may not realize there are some great alternatives available. We have coverage that allows you to participate in your plan’s profits each year, where you get money back when you have low or no claims.


We also have plans that allow you to do an executive carve-out where you can provide a separate, vibrant, and significant medical offering only to the key executive team as well as an entirely separate insurance carrier and plan structure for the non-executive employees. Get Life and Health also provides traditional group plans very similar to what you already have with potential monies back should you have low or no claims.


What we are doing is nothing new; what is new is the ability for us to deliver benefits like this to small business owners. If you are interested, it is a very simple process; we just need a census and current plan design so we can put together a proposal with an offering that contains similar terms for apple to apple comparison.

Many clients have coverage through the status quo or nothing at all, even small businesses. What most people do not realize is that now there are very creative ways to protect oneself and their families from a tragedy or illness. At GET LIFE & HEALTH, we assist our clients by coming up with creative options that could save them money and sometimes even get the money back. By creating affordable options many times we can help our clients avoid major rate increase year after year. With a simple phone call and brief conversation, our experts can analyze and determine if you or your company are a fit for the products and services we offer at GET LIFE & HEALTH.

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