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Affordable Health Plans

One can never be too sure about what lies ahead, especially when it comes to health. We live in an age where medical and health science advancements are occurring at an unprecedented speed, making possible what once was only a dream. However, all this has come at a cost as medical expenses are also on the rise. Surgical procedures and even general care at a reputable hospital are usually unaffordable for the general population. To overcome this issue, GET LIFE & HEALTH brings you affordable and essential health plans that enable you to receive top of the line health care without having to worry about paying the bill. We now offer GUARANTEED ISSUE HEALTH INSURANCE with PRE EXISTING COVERED ON DAY ONE.

GET LIFE & HEALTH offers unique and affordable health coverage as well as traditional health insurance. We assist clients in reducing costs on premiums and overall medical expenses. By teaming up with the finest organizations, we provide many options to choose from. Whether you are looking for better coverage or it’s your first time purchasing health insurance, we will help you find high quality, affordable plans. If you are still unsure, we will custom design the best health plan for you and your loved ones, depending on your budget and needs.

CONSIDERING SMALL GROUP???. What if you could get back a percentage of the contributions every year? Companies consisting of 5 to 50 employees. Our small group plans offer carriers available to deliver benefits in the same manner as large companies do. Quite often our plans give the employer the potential ability to receive a percentage of the contributions back at the end of the year as well as write off all the contributions on their payroll tax. This can be a huge benefit for the small business owner. Many times, we even provide our clients with better coverage, less out of pocket exposure, and reduce traditional rate increases as well. Contact us directly for more details, and proposals

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